Beauty of Joseon: a brand story

One of the most popular K-beauty brands of 2022: Beauty of Joseon is known for its cult following. This skincare brand sets itself apart by primarily using Hanbang (Traditional herbal medicine) ingredients that are handed down from the Joseon Dynasty.


What is Hanbang?
Hanbang (tradiontional herbal medicine) ingredients have been consumed as medicines and healthy food for a long time. Hanbang ingredients also function as excellent skin care ingredients. This is why Beauty of Joseon matches Hanbang ingredients suitable for each skin concern. Hanbang ingredients include: Rice Bran Water, Ginsengroot water, Green Plum Water, Propolis, Green Tea Leaf Water and many others.

The Beauty of Joseon Relief Sun:

Rice + Probiotics SPF50+PA++++

The Relief Sun sunscreen lives up to its hype! It is an elegant and hydrating sunscreen with a semi-glowy finish. Because of its lightweight texture it is suitable for all skin types.


Beauty of Joseon Relief Sun | JOIN skincare

The Beauty of Joseon Radiance Cleansing Balm 

This Cleansing Balm (hello renewed 2022 version) is a solid cleanser in the form of a soft balm that effectively melts away make-up, excess sebum and sunscreen. Perfect for your double cleansing at night! And another advantage of a cleansing balm: no need to worry about any leaky accidents when travelling!

Beauty of Joseon Radiance Cleansing balm | JOIN skincare

We mentioned that our vision is to provide a platform that focuses on "skincare formulations first, rather than aesthetics". But Beauty of Joseon has proven that one does not exclude the other: we are here for it!

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