The double cleanse method: these are the cleansers for all skin types

The first step to a skincare routine is cleansing. It’s important to cleanse your face and neck every night, no matter if you do or don’t wear make-up. Our preferred method for this is the double cleanse method.

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The double cleanse method

Simply put: in the same routine, you wash your face twice. First with an oil-based cleanser and after that with a water-based cleanser. The oil-based cleanser helps to break down make-up, sunscreen, excess oils and dirt that your skin has accumulated throughout the day. 

We recommend to always follow up your first cleanser with a second cleanser, to avoid blocking your pores. A water-based cleanser washes away the remaining oil from the first cleanse whilst treating your particular skin concern. Cleansers are used before moisturizer (and sunscreen).

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When do you cleanse your skin?

You don’t want to wash your face too often, since this can be too stripping and drying for the skin. We hence believe that cleansing your skin is best done at night. For most people (especially dry and dehydrated skin types) washing your face with some water in the morning, followed by a (double) cleanse at night is the most beneficial way to go.

An additional note for our oily skin types: we understand that you may want to also cleanse your face in the morning to control your sebum production, especially during summer. Our recommendation is to then opt for a light water-based cleanser. 

How do you double cleanse?

Apply the oil cleanser on dry skin (we repeat: dry skin) and massage it in for thirty to sixty seconds. Then add some water to your face and let the formula turn into a milky consistency. This proces is called emulsification. Massage for another thirty seconds and rinse your face with water. Following up, apply the second cleanser on wet skin, lather it up, and massage your skin for thirty seconds. Finally, wash away the second cleanser and pat your face with a clean towel (not the one you use for your body - we see you). No need to dry your face completely. Leave it damp for the remaining products in your skincare routine, this will help your moisturizer to better absorb.

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