Join who?

We would love for you to join our choice in skincare. But who are we anyway?


Joy & Joyce

We are two young women from the Netherlands with a shared passion for skincare. We’ve been friends since high school and lived together for 7 years in Amsterdam. Throughout these years we always had a common interest: anything beauty related. First it was make-up, but as the years progressed we found a new shared obsession: skincare.

The start of JOIN

We couldn't keep our passion silent. And after having tested dozens of products and researching numerous ingredients our friends, family and colleagues soon turned to us asking for insights on what to use for their skin.

And even though we are not dermatologists or estheticians, we would happily answer every question to our knowledge. And as the questions increased by the day, we noticed there was always one prevalent one: "there are so many skincare products, what should I buy?"


This was the start of JOIN, a platform that solely carries our most beloved skincare products. No need to feel overwhelmed by insane amounts of brands and products, as each product has already been thoroughly researched and tested for you.

Will our holy grails become yours too? Shop your future skincare routine now!

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