The most gentle effective cleanser: the Jelly joker by Geek & Gorgeous

The first Geek and Gorgeous product we introduced to our curated skincare collection: the Jelly Joker.  

A jelly-textured wonder

 rich jelly texture that thoroughly cleanses the skin without causing dryness or disrupting the skin barrier. Formulated with two gentle surfactants and a skin-friendly pH of 5-5.4, the Jelly Joker suits all skin types and addresses various concerns, including redness, ultra-dry, and sensitive skin. The Jelly Joker features key ingredients like hyaluronic acid and vitamin B5, which deliver hydration and soothing. For the most effective cleanse, incorporate Jelly Joker after using an oil cleanser.

Use it morning or night!

The gentle nature of the cleanser makes it suitable for morning and evening use! So do not hesitate to incorporate this cleanser into your daily routine for a refreshed feeling morning and night.

Can you keep a secret? 

Sometimes we gift a travel-friendly miniature version on order above 50 euros!
JOIN skincare - Jelly Joker Geek & gorgeous
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