Joyce Reesen (28) and Joy Leering (28), besides from being friends and roommates, have always had a particular common interest: anything beauty related. As the years progressed, make-up tutorials faded to the background and skincare coincidentally became their new fixation. 
Their enthusiasm for skincare started separately. For Joyce, it began in 2019 when she got back from a trip in Tunisia. Being used to having clear skin, it came as quite the shock when she returned home with skin sensitivity and a mild form of acne. Not knowing what to do, she unravelled the overwhelming amount of skincare, product reviews, claims and ingredients on the internet.
Joy, on the other hand, only had the occasional pimple and redness due to rosacea. Still, her endless curiosity led her to the world of skincare. Thus, it turned out, she was discovering the same information in the room next to Joyce. And since the two live together and have always shared their tips and tricks with each other, there was one thing that was bound to happen: sharing a new obsession that was here to stay.
Knowing them, they couldn't keep their passion silent. And after having tested dozens of products and researching numerous ingredients for more than a year, friends, family and colleagues soon turned to them asking for insights on what to use for their skin. Happily to, Joyce and Joy took on every single question to their knowledge. And as the questions increased by the day, they noticed there was always one prevalent one: "there are so many options, what should I buy?" 
This was the start of JOIN, a platform that carries their most beloved products. No need to feel overwhelmed, as each product has already been thoroughly researched and tested for you. 
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JOIN skincare | founders
Photography by Mariam Ameen